Research: “From Spheres to Atmospheres: R. Buckminster Fuller's Spherical Atlas”

“From Spheres to Atmospheres: R. Buckminster Fuller's Spherical Atlas” is an ongoing research project by the University of San Diego Architecture Students, and under the direction of Daniel López-Pérez. Covering thirty geodesic prototypes designed by R. Buckminster Fuller over a thirty year period (1944 to 1980) this project aims to assemble a "Spherical Atlas," where these can serve as an invaluable resource for contemporary design. This research looks back as much as it looks forward, exploring the possibility of the in-depth study of these geodesic prototypes as a way to inform and expand the intelligence of contemporary design. Originally born out of the collaboration between R Buckminster Fuller and university students in departments of architecture, art and engineering throughout the US, the design and development of these geodesic prototypes proposed a new pedagogical model for research. Drawn and built by students, “From Spheres to Atmospheres” proposes a similar pedagogy that engages students across a number of fields and explores the potential of academic research to transform disciplinary boundaries. This project is generously funded by the Keck Undergraduate Research Fellowship and SURE (Students Undergraduate Research Experience) fellowship, from the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of San Diego.

Team: Daniel Lopez-Perez with Hanif Kara and Jacob Bruce, Sou Fang, Devon Morris (2011 Keck Undergraduate Research Fellowship), (KECK); Ryan Barney and Jacob Bruce (2012) (Student Undergraduate Research Experience Fellowship - SURE); Ryan Barney (2013) (SURE); Gary Esposito (2014); Kantinka Bosch and Lucy Hill (2015); Department of Art, Architecture, and Art History College of Arts and Sciences, University of San Diego