Design: House, Ensenada, Baja-California, Mexico. 

The primary challenge of the design was to mediate with the extreme topography of the existing site, while maximizing the orientation towards South-West. With an extraordinary setting facing the Pacific Ocean, the house was commissioned by a terracotta artisan who was involved in the custom hand-made tile finishes of the house, both in its exterior and interior. The distribution of levels is determined by establishing a single and continuous roof line that integrates the three half levels of living with the access ramps and garage spaces. The effect of using a continuous roof profile results in a differentiated section that offers a unique ceiling plane for each room of the house - making them all different and unique. A second advantage of the single roof plan is to have a controlled drainage system on the roof, particularly in response to the rare but recurring torrential rainfall seasons. Strategic drainage points are set all along the perimeter, guided by the parapets, in order to evenly distribute the collection of rainfall.

Team: Daniel Lopez-Perez with Jose Luis Vargas, Jose Bustillos, and Celine Olvera (interiors)